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Boxtops for Education


Look for this logo on the foods you buy!

A few months after I starting playing the Grocery Game, I started collecting Boxtops.  I was amazed at how  many I had after just a few weeks.  Boxtops are little coupons that you find on many grocery items, such as Betty Crocker products, Juicy Juice, Chex Mix, Kleenex, and tons of other products.  Each coupon is worth 10 cents to your local school.  You simply save them and then turn them in to the school of your choice.  It takes me about three seconds to rip the coupon off of the product and toss it into a big plastic cup in the cabinet. Even though my kids aren’t old enough to attend yet, I drop my collection off at the local elementary school every few months.  Last year, we helped our school raise over $1,000 through the Boxtops for Education program.

There is a Boxtops for Education website where you can track your school’s progress, download coupons for Boxtops products, and download worksheets that you can use with your kids as you collect Boxtops.  Carina and I are working on filling up the “abc worksheet” right now – this is the first time we are trying out a worksheet.  She doesn’t understand the concept of the box tops, but she does like to collect things, color, and glue.

So if you’re in the mood for an easy, feel-good type of project, keep your eye out for the Boxtops logo, and start doing a little good for your local school.

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3 Responses to "Boxtops for Education"

  1. Kim says:

    I was the school Box Tops coordinator for 3 years. It is a fabulous program and can really earn lots of $ for the school. Good on you for doing it even without your kids in school yet. :)

  2. I started collecting Box Tops last year, even before Isabelle started school. I wasn’t aware of the worksheets, though, so I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks for a great post!

  3. […] that are now glued to it, it is worth a cool $2.60.  I posted about the Boxtops program over on my other blog if you want to know more. I know she’ll be really proud when we turn it in at the local […]

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