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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

This is a guest post by Craig Rechkemmer in response to my previous post about our new garden.

Nice piece… you forgot the instructions of how to build a raised garden bed.

Step 1:  Ask hubby (If needed, mention the Pioneer Woman‘s husband)
Step 2:  Point to area of yard for desired raised garden bed location
Step 3:  Check area previously pointed to 6 hours later
Step 4:  Take picture of hubby finishing up
Step 5:  Plant seeds according to garden calendar

Editor’s Note: I was trying to explain to Craig what a blog dynasty is, and was showing him the Pioneer Woman blog.  Ever since I showed him this post with pictures of the Pioneer Woman’s husband holding their preschooler in one arm and rustling cattle with the other, he likes to scoop up one of our kids and strike a pose when he thinks he is doing something manly, like building gardens (see picture above). Too bad I can’t take awesome pictures like Pioneer Woman does.

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6 Responses to "How to Build a Raised Garden Bed"

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  2. Aww, too cute. This is pretty much how I instruct my husband to do projects also. It drives him INSANE. He always tells me that next time he wants a map, plans, etc to know exactly how things will be. But I can’t be bothered with stuff like that!

    As for Captain Forearms from PW — I swear mine would rival his! But I have to start learning to carry our mouse on the other arm to balance them out.

    I’d say we’re all very blessed with fantastic husbands!!

  3. Kim says:

    hehe…LOVE it! He does have the whole MM vibe going on with the jeans and the button down shirt.

  4. Sarah Nord says:

    A cowboy hat would complete Craig’s look. 🙂 Good for him on the garden bed!

  5. Fawn says:

    Tiffany, I’m actually the one trying to come up with maps, plans, etc for his projects, but he just likes to eyeball it and go – it’s all in his head! I can’t even be in the same room if he is hanging a picture – drives me batty!

  6. Fawn says:

    Shhhh…he has one! Don’t encourage him to get it out.

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