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The last post I did with tons of survey-type information about myself was a huge hit in the bloggy underground (still shocked about that one), so I’m taking a cue from my blog buddy, The Park Wife, and posting the “25 Things” list that I wrote when it was circulating around Facebook back in February of 2009. Surprisingly, not much has changed, except that I am getting a little more sleep these days.

1. I am a night owl by nature. My children no longer let me live as such.
2. I am not, nor would I ever claim to be, a domestic goddess. In fact, my husband is more domestic than I.
3. I am interested in learning about all religions, although I haven’t found a single doctrine that I am fully satisfied with. I don’t think that makes me an athiest, or a sinner. In fact, I’d say I live a more morally secure life than many very religious people that I know.
4. I’ve sworn off movies. I don’t really have the time or the attention span for them anymore.
5. I miss working out on a regular basis and feeling fit.
6. I am addicted to the internet. My day is not complete if I haven’t logged on.
7. I love saving money and getting things on the cheap. Probably a good thing since we’re paying two mortgages right now.
8. My Mom is my best friend, besides my husband. I hope that my kids will say that about me some day (well, except they might notl say, “besides my husband”).
9. I moved around a lot as a kid. I started a new school in 5th grade – it was my 5th school. I think this has effected me in both profoundly positive and negative ways.
10. I HAVE to eat breakfast every morning. Sometimes twice. I usually have to wait my turn though.
11. I am a Stay At Home Mom. I’m not one of those soccer-mom types though. I’m very thankful to be able to raise our children and to enjoy their every-day hijinx, but I spend about 10% of my time wondering if I’m really cut out to be a full time mommy.
12. I can’t believe this is only #12. I guess I’m not as interesting as I thought.
13. I’m officially limiting myself to 5 of these fill it out and forward it thingys for the year. Now that I’ve joined facebook, I think I’ll hit my limit quickly.
14.I’m really good at tossing things. Unless it’s an egg at the family reunion and there are several second cousins running through the tossing range.
15. The only caffeine I get is through chocolate. I guess I should have put this under #1.
16. I like to do things fast. Run fast, bike fast, drive fast. Lately the only things I get to do fast are sleep, eat, and pee.
17. My goal for the year is to sleep through the night more nights than not. So far I am 0 for 37 nights.
18. Many of my daily tasks are highly repetitive. I’m getting used to this, but I still don’t like it.
18. Many of my daily tasks are highly repetitive. I’m getting used to this, but I still don’t like it.
19. I hate doing dishes.
20. I love to travel. I love the ocean. I love to travel to the ocean. I hope that someday I won’t have to travel to get to the ocean.
21. I hope to write a novel. My husband hopes I write a novel that makes money.
22. I am a tree-hugger and am always trying to take the eco-friendly route.
23. I am a bit of a know-it-all. I do my best to help people improve their lives with what I know.
24. Now that I’m 30, I feel a bit differently about hair dye and eye cream.
25. The best for last. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. I know lots of women say this, but I think if there was a wonderful husband competition, mine would come in first, with out a doubt.

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5 Responses to "TMI?"

  1. LOVE your list, I relate to so many of them.

    I think my husband would give doc a run for his money, isn’t it great that we appreciate their wonderfulness? So many women don’t. I am so glad you found such an incredible husband, dad and friend.

  2. Kim says:

    I love you for #3 and #11. That is me also.

    And to answer your question…

    BB takes sewing classes at a local sewing machine store. Not a fabric store, but one that sells sewing machines and vacuums.

    I’m going to remind you about Ten on Ten earlier so you can get your batteries charged! 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    Oh yaa, I love this post! I like it when you talk about you and how you feel or think about things. 🙂

  4. Katherine says:

    I love it. 25 is my favorite, although I’m sure he’s really No. 2.

  5. Stephannie says:

    You inspired me to go look up the list of 25 I made back before Miles was born. Like you, most of mine are still true. I think it’s healthy to examine yourself every now and then and to remember what remains constant to your core self. When circumstances around you are constantly changing, it’s easy to lose yourself. Yay for you for holding tightly to those threads of you weaved into this new mom identity. I hope to achieve more of that balance someday.

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