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Happy Father’s Day!

Daddies are a Hoot

This Sunday is Father’s Day. How are you celebrating it?

Father’s Day is especially important for us this year since Craig has been traveling so much.  Yesterday the kids and I worked on some projects to present to Daddy on Father’s Day.  I “interviewed” Callen and Carina about their dad. It was so fun to hear their answers to questions like, “What does Daddy like to eat?” and “What things does Daddy do for you?”. Especially significant was Carina’s answer to the lead in question of “I am happy when Daddy _____” she printed carefully, “is arowd [around]”  It’s been difficult having Craig away every week for the past 10 months, and we are all anxious for this period in our lives to end.  But, even though he’s away, Craig does so much for our family.  In a recent post, I compared our family’s life to a ship. Craig is our anchor.  He keeps things steady and even. He uses brains and brawn to steer us around storms, and he stops our kids from putting me in the dingy and paddling me straight out to Crazy Island.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how different fatherhood is for our generation as compared to our own parents.  At least in my own perceptions, Daddies today are so much more involved, more hands-on, more interested in raising their children and having a positive influence on their lives. Being a Dad has always been hard work, but these days it’s even harder.  Being a great dad is no longer based on bringing home the bacon and being the sterner side of the disciplinary system.  Dads today are still doing that, but they’re changing more diapers, attending more tea parties, and in the case of our household, teaching the kids some kick-ass wrestling moves. My hubs is a true renaissance man.  I wouldn’t even trade him for that guy that played Thor.

I made the cupcakes and cake pictured above a couple years ago for a Father’s Day dinner we attended with some world-class dads. If you want to make your own hooters (teehee) you can get instructions from the Disney Family website.

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