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Free Ebook and Game for LeapPad and Leapster Explorer

Do you have a LeapPad, LeapPad2, Leapster GS, or a Leapster Explorer wrapped up under the tree?  Or maybe your kiddos already have one of these tablets or gaming systems from Leap Frog?  Well, here are a few freebies for you.Book of Super Awesome Stuff

  • First, if you haven’t already, grab the code for the Free Alphabet Soup game that I posted about last year.
  • Second, here’s a code for a free Ebook, called “The Book of Super Awesome Stuff” by Leapschool:

               5813 1140 1518 1413

To download Alphabet Stew and the Super Awesome Stuff book to your Leapster or LeapPad for free, connect the unit to your computer.  When the Leap Frog connect interface comes up (you may have to install it from the Leapfrog Website if this is your first time using it), click on the “App Store” button.  Then, at the left, click on the big “Redeem Code” button and enter your codes (one at a time).

  • Leap Frog LeapPad, Explorer, and GSThird, I hadn’t plugged our kids’ Leapster Explorers into the computer for a while.  When I did it yesterday to add the free eBook, I was also prompted to pick out a new free app or ebook for each unit.  So, you might want to try that out too! (and don’t forget to add pet supplies for your Leapster pet – my kids are always harassing me about that!)
  • And Finally, Leap Frog currently has a couple sales going on.  First, there’s a coupon code for Buy 2 games, books, or accessories get one Free.  Use code SOLSTICE . Second, buy any three apps, get one free.  You can do this for up to four free apps. There is no code – it automatically gives you your cheapest app free at checkout. Both of these deals are good between now and January 14th.

All of the downloadable Leapster games and apps work on the LeapPads, so you can use them interchangeably.

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67 Responses to "Free Ebook and Game for LeapPad and Leapster Explorer"

  1. Nikia says:

    Code SOLSTICE doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?

  2. Fawn says:

    Hi Nikia. My apologies – I worded that deal wrong in my post. It’s not the apps that the code applies to, it’s games, books, and accessories. I’m sorry for the mistake and the extra hassle (I’ve update the post to show the correct info).

  3. Alaa says:

    actually i tried the 2 codes but it doesn’t work they keep sending me it’s expired …
    please i need some free codes
    thanks in advance

  4. Christine says:

    When connecting your Leap Pad for the first time, you get three apps, plus a fourth one to choose for free. Can you transfer that 4th free choosen app to other Leap Pads, the way you can transfer other purchased games? If so how – I can’t figure it out.

  5. Fawn says:

    Hi Alaa, since I’ve already used the codes, I don’t have a way to test it, but I have seen other people online who have used the codes today and it worked. Make sure you are clicking the yellow “Redeem Code” button on the left of the screen while you have your Leapster/LeapPad plugged in and LeapFrog Connect is running.

  6. Fawn says:

    Hi Christine. I tried to transfer our free games between units just now and didn’t have any luck. I have an email in to customer support just to confirm, but my guess is that you can only transfer games that you pay for. If/When I hear back from them, I’ll let you know.

  7. Patrick says:


  8. Fawn says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Patrick. Hope you (and the kids) enjoy the freebies.

  9. Carliena says:

    Hello Guys and Gals ! The code worked great and I have another for you :

    Also, how are the games interchangeable?? I have another leappad 1 and a leapster explorer. How do I get them all on the diff game systems?

  10. Fawn says:

    Hi Carliena. The code you mentioned in your comment is the code for alphabet soup, which I linked to in the post above. To share your games on different units, check out this FAQ (you can install each game on up to three units, but as best we can tell, you can’t do this with free games):

  11. Fawn says:

    I heard back from Leap Frog a couple weeks ago, but just realized I forgot to post it here! My apologies. Official word from them is that you cannot transfer free apps – only those you pay for.

  12. colin says:

    hi guys,new at this,anyone has any other coeds besides the 2 spoken about,will be a great help thanks

  13. Kia says:

    Both codes worked for me. Thank you much

  14. Fawn says:

    You are welcome!

  15. Allison says:

    Just used both codes! Thanks so much! 🙂

  16. Leanne says:

    Hi all I’ve just got my son leap pad 2 for his birthday, so I thought i’ld set it up and have a play around with it. The free apps that come with it don’t seen to on there only the per one. Can Simone tell me what I’ve done wrong?? Menu thanks. Leanne.x

  17. Fawn says:

    Hi Leanne. Have you hooked your leapPad2 up to your computer yet? When you connect with the Leap Frog Connect interface, you should be prompted to choose and download your other free apps. Hope that helps!

  18. ASEL says:

    i love the leap Pad but now it’s lost @ home i think and we are looking for it i hope we find it i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

  19. andrea says:

    thanks for the codes!

  20. Lupita says:

    I have two leappad 2 and French but can make play in the French version
    I have cartridges so why can not b share with who had different ones…or just share the password b connect wit the pix who wants to share and that’s it

    I believe can b made:)

  21. Lupita says:

    Or somebody wants to trade it my is brand new !!!

  22. Lael says:

    Thanks for the codes… Both worked

  23. Michael L says:

    Thanks so much!! Both codes worked for me. You are awesome!!

  24. Gwen says:

    Thanx so much for sharing codes, my granddaughter loves her new apps,

  25. Fawn says:

    You bet! Happy learning leapster fun!

  26. Mary says:

    redeemed both codes today and worked fine.

  27. maricia says:

    tanks you just got the codes today and my little girl love it will like some more

  28. tonza says:

    Thanks for the codes. All downloads worked and my 4 yr old girl is very happy, Cheers.

  29. Sharon says:

    Thanks a lot, got both of them!!

  30. reina says:

    thanks for the codes!! it works for me 🙂

  31. Carien says:

    Thank you very much both codes worked my son is over the moon.

  32. Sally :-) says:

    Hi , I used both codes and they worked but then nothing happened , the games are no ton the leappad2 , does anyone know what im doing wrong, it said congratulations , your code has been accepted , then nothing , my leappad is connected to the laptop and turned on?

  33. Fawn says:

    Hi Sally. Did you get a message that your game/book was downloading to your leappad2 when it was connected?

  34. Sally :-) says:

    Hi , thanks for the reply , the next time I turned on my laptop and went to the site , the games were there and dowloaded fine , thankyou 🙂

  35. nichole says:

    i tried downloading the apps with both codes but both are saying expired ? help

  36. nichole says:

    nevermind got them to work just had to back out then go back in ad try it again 😉 thanks

  37. Sune says:

    Thank You For the Codes ! It Worked and is super awesome xxxx

  38. wow i thank you so much! my son loves the games!! let me know if you find any more and i will do the same!!

  39. Fawn says:

    Thanks Heather!

  40. helen says:

    i used the 2 codes, i got it!

    thank you so much!

  41. Shannon says:

    Thanks for sharing this info.
    I have downloaded both the codes to two different Leapster GS’s and my boys are so happy to have new content and I am so happy to not have to fork out for it 😉

  42. fi says:

    Thank you so much! xx

  43. Lori says:

    Thanks soooo much 🙂

  44. olfa says:

    hi, please I need a free code for app for leappad 2

  45. Lesimole says:

    does the codes also work if you are in South Africa

  46. lisa says:

    Hi, i live in Jamaica and just bought a leapPad 2 for my 3 year old. Can someone help me get some free games on it please…

  47. Rosemary N says:

    I purchased the LeapPad2 from the UK but I live in Uganda and I need to download apps, but did not buy the download app card. Anyone have any ideas as to how to do it? Do I actually always need it?

  48. Min says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  49. aldo says:

    Hi my name is aldo I ljust unloaded the two codes that I saw on webside they r 5813 0790 4610 4973 and the other one is 5813 1140 1518 1413 they work great 4me if u have any questions email me

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