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Self-Centered Sunday: The Opera

A few nights ago, my friend Nancy and I were talking about how our daughters are likely to get involved in drama/theatre as they grow up, and I started reminiscing about Carina and Callen’s early forays into stage performance.

Today, the Super Bowl is on, and I’m more interested to see the commercials than the game.  4 million dollars a piece. It’s always interesting to me that no one really seems to remember what the most-buzzed commercials were actually selling.

So, if Carina and Callen were to be in a Super Bowl commercial, one that really showcases their talent as performers and the dynamic between them, it would be this:

And yes, she is singing about a bee stinging a baby. I posted this on our family blog three years ago.  Back then it just seemed run-of-the-mill. A regular occurrence. Now it makes me miss those ornery, chubby-cheeked, pantless characters.  At least I’ll always have the re-runs.

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  1. I love this video. They remind me of the way my kids treat each other during these moments. hahaha My younger one can make the older cry when she wants! Then the older one just keeps going to keep attention to herself. Classic! Won’t it be awesome when you can show your kids these videos?!

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