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For Lucy

Way down, at the very bottom of my email inbox is an email that I received from my friend Lucy on August 9, 2010.  It’s a list of topics that she suggested I write about here on Instead of the Dishes.  I’ve kept that list for all this time, planning to someday check them all off, and still I haven’t.  So, this post is for Lucy, to tie up some of those subjects she sent me so long ago.  It’s her list, with not quite a whole blog post for each, but at least my thoughts. Lucy’s email specified that these subjects are in no particular order: 1. Why do you stay at home with your children instead of have an outside job? Wow, things have changed a lot since you asked me … Read entire article »

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On Education: Part 2 – The Dating Game

When we moved to Little Rock in August of 2008, we found a specific neighborhood that we loved.  Luckily, our realtor informed us, we were in one of only about three good elementary school districts in Little Rock. This was a relief, as several people had warned us about the city’s “bad” education system. Before we moved, Craig visited the elementary school, Baker Elementary in Pulaski County Special School District, and met the principal.  All was well and good, he reported. We also scouted a Parents Day Out program for Carina to attend.  We wanted her to have social interaction, and quite honestly, I needed a break from juggling a baby and a toddler.  She started the program at St. Margaret’s Episcopal in September and loved it. While the program was … Read entire article »

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Boxtops for Education

Boxtops for Education

A few months after I starting playing the Grocery Game, I started collecting Boxtops.  I was amazed at how  many I had after just a few weeks.  Boxtops are little coupons that you find on many grocery items, such as Betty Crocker products, Juicy Juice, Chex Mix, Kleenex, and tons of other products.  Each coupon is worth 10 cents to your local school.  You simply save them and then turn them in to the school … Read entire article »

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