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On Education: Part 4 – We’re In!

So, it’s official.  Carina has completed her kindergarten screening, and we’ve paid the first of the enrollment/registration/building fees.  She’ll be attending kindergarten at The Anthony School this fall.  We are very excited! As I mentioned in my previous post, taking the school tours and asking lots of questions was what really helped us make the decision.  Much like buying a house, we certainly analyzed all the facts and figures, the school stats and programs, etc., but when it came down to it, The Anthony School just “felt right” when we walked through.  The school is small, but not too small.  It looks and feels like a typical elementary school – not too fancy, but not stashed in a basement or retrofitted into an old office building.  The fact that there are … Read entire article »

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On Education: Part 3 – On Tour

Once we learned that private schools did not have to use August 1 as a cutoff date, we began vehemently researching dates, prices, and curriculums.  The most difficult pill to swallow – the average $8,000 in tuition it would cost us to send Carina to kindergarten in a private school.  We decided that as long as our household budget could handle the monthly payments, we felt it was important to give Carina the opportunity to go to kindergarten. In the midst of all this, we learned more about eSTEM Charter School in downtown Little Rock.  After having watched Waiting for Superman and learning more about the school, their structure really appealed to us.  The have a year round school schedule and an extended school day.  The school is public, so it’s … Read entire article »

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On Education: Part 2 – The Dating Game

When we moved to Little Rock in August of 2008, we found a specific neighborhood that we loved.  Luckily, our realtor informed us, we were in one of only about three good elementary school districts in Little Rock. This was a relief, as several people had warned us about the city’s “bad” education system. Before we moved, Craig visited the elementary school, Baker Elementary in Pulaski County Special School District, and met the principal.  All was well and good, he reported. We also scouted a Parents Day Out program for Carina to attend.  We wanted her to have social interaction, and quite honestly, I needed a break from juggling a baby and a toddler.  She started the program at St. Margaret’s Episcopal in September and loved it. While the program was … Read entire article »

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