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Motherhood: A Day in the Life

What do you do? What DID you do before you had kids? How was your day? Isn’t it easier being a working mom? I’ve been asked all these questions directly.  They always feel loaded, even if they aren’t.  In these modern times, motherhood is a huge balancing act.  In our purest role as mothers, we are providing a customized, individualized, 24/7 on-call, volunteer service to tiny, adorable, demanding, intelligent, passive-agressive clients. And then we have our own lives and possibly a “second job” on top of that.  Acts of Motherhood are performed with a million different variables coming into play. Each mother does things at least a little differently than the next, but there is one huge thing that ties us all together: we are all mothers. This week the guest posts that I will … Read entire article »

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Kid Craft: Paper Strawberries

Kid Craft: Paper Strawberries

I don’t spend a ton of time doing crafts these days, but this year I’ve had to go back to my crafty roots a few times to satisfy my obligations as room mom in both the kids’ classes. Luckily, the internet is around to help me use my powers for good. So, on a search for a project that Carina’s Kindergarten class could do for teacher appreciation week, I found this blog post with these adorable … Read entire article »

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