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What Kind of Mother am I?

Stay at home mom, work from home mom, working mom, single mom – these are common ways to categorize moms with terms that don’t have a lot to do with how we do our actual mothering. One of these categories is how you might answer another mom when they ask what you do – it’s what they really want to know – how do you identify? what is your schedule like? are you jealous or annoyed by moms in my category?  Working moms and stay at home moms can be jealous of one another and feel guilty for different reasons. Single moms are usually also working moms, and cope with resentment and performance pressure. The newest breed, the work from home moms, sometimes feel disconnected from all the other kinds … Read entire article »

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Potty Training Aftermath

Potty Training Aftermath

I’m starting to realize that I might be one of those oblivious moms; the kind that just does things without thinking too far ahead, or considering what might come next after the present hurdle or milestone is surmounted.  You would think I would have learned my lesson. I couldn’t wait for Carina to start talking.  Now she won’t be quiet.  I was so excited when Callen army crawled across the floor at nine months, and … Read entire article »

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Garage Door Mayhem

This morning I loaded up the kids in Craig’s truck with the usual comedy of errors: multiple trips in and out of the house; chasing Callen from truck door to truck door (it’s a four-door truck) as part of his routine of climbing into the truck and then catapulting himself around on the inside of it with a sort of enthusiasm rivaled only by super bounce balls; loosening car seat straps to fit winter coats, wrestling, buckling, and then tightening the straps again; returning to the house to spray down Callen’s brand new cloth backpack with Shout after realizing that he drug it though motor oil that had been dripped on the garage floor; and finally climbing into the driver’s seat, my head pounding, with a combo Carina Whine-fest and … Read entire article »

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I Have Commitment Issues

Right at this moment, I should be writing about three different articles that I have floating in my head.  Really, there’s nothing to stop me.  It’s 9:10pm and the rest of my family is in bed… asleep…probably. And therein lies the problem. Before kids I loved commitment.  If anything, I was over committed.  At work, I took on duties that were not part of my job description.  If I thought of something that would help my coworkers or the organization I worked for, I took it on and made sure it got done.  In my free time, I was committed to training for sprint distance triathalons. And of course, I was committed completely and without competition in my love for my husband. Now, “after” kids, I have a hard time with commitment.   … Read entire article »

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Rock A Bye

I just finished rocking Callen to sleep for his nap.  Lately, this little activity stirs emotion in me like no other.  I know that the days of rocking are numbered.  He’s 20 months old now, and getting more independent by the day.  In his waking hours, he’s an active go-getter: climbing, chasing, talking, throwing, exploring, and making messes along the way.  A virtual mini-man, he’s hard-headed, humorous, and hungry. But, for those few minutes between when we wrestle pajamas on and when I lay him down in his crib, he is my sweet, cuddly baby boy; happy to nestle his head beneath my chin and share a book.  When the book is finished (for the second or third time), he helps me turn out the light, and I ask him if … Read entire article »

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Playing the Grocery Game

When I became a mother, grocery shopping was very frustrating to me.  I could not believe how much I was spending every time I went to the grocery store, and still we would run out of food before the end of the week.  I felt like I was in a rut with food choices for the family; always buying the same items and cooking the same meals. Tonight I saved $195 on my groceries.  I spent $128, for a 61% savings.  I bought enough granola bars and cereal to last us a couple months, as well as some new food items we have never tried before.  This transformation in my shopping is because of Back in December 2008, I heard about the Grocery Game website, and when I posted questions … Read entire article »

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