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Clips & Quotes


Eight Ideas to Make Brushing Easy and Fun“,  From Our Nest, Winter 2013

Tooth Fairy Traditions“,  From Our Nest, Fall 2013

5 Foods for Oral Health“, From Our Nest, Summer 2013

Little Grins, Lots of Love“, From Our Nest, Spring 2013

Band of Mothers“, Little Rock Family, May 2012

” Clipper culture: ‘Serious’ couponers find redeeming value, but wonder if ‘extreme’ counterparts go too far”, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 18, 2012

Practice What You Preach“, Little Rock Family, January 2012

5 Going on 6 or 4?” Arkansas Democrat Gazette, April 2011

For the Love of the Couch” (personal essay). Little Rock Family, January 2011

“Need baby sitter in a hurry? Services make it easy”. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 2010

Trim the Fat from your Grocery Budget” (provided content). Little Rock Family, November 2010

Komen Race Week Swarms with Family Activities” (secondary article). Arkansas Democrat Gazette, October 2010

Racking Up” (feature article). Arkansas Democrat Gazette, September 2010

24 Places in Central Arkansas where Kids Eat Free” (list compilation). Little Rock Family, June 2010

Guilt on the Run” (personal essay). Little Rock Family, Oct. 2009

“The Journey Into Distance Learning: Test Drives, Roadblocks, and Destinations” (book chapter), third chapter, pages 35-51.   Videoconferencing Technology in K-12 Instruction: Best Practices and Trends.  Published 2007.

Impress your kids – help save the world“. Parent and Family Magazine, April 2006

“Serving Teachers, Supporting Schools: A Collaborative Solution” by Ann Carter and Fawn Warner (journal article). ASTC Dimensions, Sept./Oct. 2004.

The Science Source: A Curriculum Based Science Resource (built website and compiled content). Presented at Museums and the Web, April 2004

A Family Guide to Science: Springfield Missouri (compiled content). American Association for the Advancement of Science and  Published 2004.


“Blogging as a Launch Pad to Social Media Work”. Arkansas Women Bloggers University. August 2015

“Working in Social Media: Beyond Tweets, Likes, and Hashtags”. 13th Annual STC Regional Student Conference. March 2015

“Blogging with Purpose and Social Good”. Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference.  June 2011

“Making Time For Yourself” Aka “Grow the Garden of Me”. Arkansas Women in Agriculture annual conference 2011.

“The Best Damn Things We’ve Ever Done, Period: Wins & Flops in Events, Marketing, Programs, and Exhibits” (co-presenter).  Association of Science and Technology Centers Annual Conference 2005.

The Science Source: A Curriculum-Based Science Resource. Museums and the Web Conference 2004.

Intro to Macromedia Dreamweaver. Missouri State University chapter of Society for Technical Communication, Oct. 2003.

Making Internships a Win-Win for Employers and Students (panel). Society for Technical Communication 49th Annual Conference, May 2002.


“Mighty Momosphere” by Tracy Rogers. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, February 16, 2011. Page 1. Page 2.

Relax moms, it’s your weekendHot Mama Blog, by Katherine Benenati @ April 24, 2010.

His or Hers?” by Katherine Benenati. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 3, 2010.

Hot Mama: Bouncing Around to Bounce BackHot Mama Blog, by Katherine Benenati @ October 26, 2009.

Moms Make Strides at Mall” by Celia Storey. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, July 27, 2009.

2006 Forty Under Forty.  Springfield Business Journal, 2006

Discovery Center Hidden Gem for Homeschoolers” by Melissa Miller. Community Free Press, Sept 7 2005. (PDF page 11)


MOMcation“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired February 2010

Keeping Your Cool“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS) Aired Feburary 2010

Supper swap program for moms“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired May 2010

MOMcation is a retreat for moms to connect and relax“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired March 2010.

Effective Ways of Disciplining Children“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired January 2010.

Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS).Aired April 2009.

The Grocery Game“, produced by Monika Rued for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired Jan. 2009

Bill for Tax Credit for Stay at Home Parents“, produced by Melissa Dunbar-Gates for KTHV Little Rock (CBS). Aired December 2008.

Other Non-Dishes-Type Activities

Field Reviewer for Museums for America Grant program, Institute of Museum and Library Services. 2003-2007.

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  1. Just took a quick look at your “Clips & Quotes.” Nice! I didn’t realized you were selected as one of the Forty Under Forty recipients. Kinda late, but CONGRATS!

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