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About the Blog

Not every mom is a suzy homemaker, martha stewart type.  Some of us are winging it, finding ways to get things done, with or without grace, while possibly daydreaming about traveling the world or escaping to an office cubicle for the day to get some “real” work done.  That’s what this blog is all about.  My family is my greatest, and hardest, pet project, but it doesn’t entirely define my life.  I’m sharing ideas, tips, and knowledge on what I’ve learned as I try to balance the “we” against the “me”.

You can go here to see how this blog was born. I’ve figured out how to get other women to cook dinner for my husband.  I’ve covered how to take the local food revolution into your own hands.  I tried to discuss my commitment issues, but didn’t know for sure if I would be able to cover it all.  Sometimes I share about my kids’ antics, and sometimes I give a little TMI about myself.  Overall, though, I’m blogging about balance, and ways we can balance what we have to do with what we want to do and get it all done.

Please send chocolate.

About Me

I spent most of my childhood in various towns within the Show-Me-State, Missouri.  I have a B.S. and an M.A. in writing from the University formerly known as Southwest Missouri State. Following my course work, I spent six years working at a science museum called Discovery Center, where I learned a little bit about a whole lot of things. Since then, I’ve been a stay at home mom and part time work from home mom, gobbling up projects related to event planning, social media, marketing, and trying to make the lives of my fellow moms easier.

About seven years ago I married Craig, who shares many of the same priorities in life as I do, and will be an excellent house husband if he ever makes enough money to pay off his college debt. I’m Mom to Carina and Callen, ages 6 and 5, respectively. After a four year hiatus in Little Rock, Arkansas we’ve returned to the midwest for the great schools, proximity to family, and the opportunity to open our own dental practice, Little Grins Dental.  Craig does the dentistry, I do the PR, and our kids make sure the indoor play gym is working properly.

11 Responses to "About"

  1. Heather Strickland says:

    This is a wonderful way to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in your lives. Jeremy telling me how great it is reading about what’s going on in your lives. Just wanted to share! Hope you and the family are doing well and we look forward to seeing you when we make it down that way again!


  2. Chantel says:

    It was so great meeting you at the ARWIA Conference!! Loved your session!

  3. Hi Fawn! I just wanted to say “hi” so you know I was creeping on your blog. Lol. I usually don’t comment, but those days are over! It was great seeing you and Callen Wednesday. xo val

  4. Fawn says:

    Thanks Val! I like blog creepers, but I LOVE blog commenters! Hope to see you soon.

  5. Deb Malas says:

    How the heck are you? It’s great to find your blog and I’ll try to keep up with you. I am working on a new project. I working on my website and hope to have it up and running in a few weeks. I love your blog and your sense of humor and all the information you share. Keep up the good work.

  6. Fawn says:

    Hi Deb! glad you found me. Things are going well – getting settled back in to the Ozarks after our hiatus to Arkansas. I’ll look forward to seeing your new website when it’s ready!

  7. Claudia P says:

    Hi Fawn!
    Such a small world! I came across your blog a while ago as I was browsing MOWB -proud member now, and recently saw a FB post from you to my SIL. Apparently you both work together! Neat!
    Love the site, love your sincerity, love the sarcasm. Keeps things lively! 🙂

    Claudia @

  8. Fawn says:

    Hi Claudia! Thanks for stopping by – it is a small world, isn’t it? I’m excited to check out your blog! If you bake and cook as much as your SIL, I am sure you will have plenty to post about! 😉

  9. Janice says:

    Fawn, my husband and I are planning to move to the Springfield area, so your blog is one I will be following — it’s a great blog! We’re older — no small kids. I have been looking at the towns surrounding Springfield and am curious on how you settled on Ozark. But maybe you’ve already discussed this in a blog post — I need to go through your older posts.

  10. Fawn says:

    Hi Janice! Thanks for stopping by. I originally moved to Ozark in 2003, when I could buy more house for my dollar than I could in Springfield. Now, I love Ozark because it has a small town feel with most of the amenities of a larger city, plus a charming square that is in the process of revitalizing. It also has easy and quick access to Springfield for anything we can’t get in town (15-20 minutes to get to most places in Springfield), and great schools. If I can help you with anything as you relocate, let me know. I can recommend a wonderful Real Estate agent if you need one.

  11. Janice says:

    Thanks, Fawn. I looked at and Ozark does have some nice housing. I appreciate your offer — it’s good to have a contact in the area in case I have other questions!

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