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Disney Cruise Days 4-9: Sea Days

And then we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for six days straight.

Before the cruise, I was a bit apprehensive about those six days at sea, and I know Liz, the matriarch of the Bram family, was too. Six days is a long time to keep everyone happy and entertained and to avoid sea sickness.

However, as the cruise went on, I feel madly in love with the sea days.  There was so much to do every day that I could never achieve all I had planned.  Each night the Navigator would come, and I would read it, as Liz said, “like the bible” and circle what looked like the most exciting activities for each family member for the next day.  The next morning we would roll out of bed, still tired from the excitement of the day before, and begin again.

So, don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of each and every day.  Instead, my next few blog posts will cover some of the highlights of what we did while at sea, along with some (hopefully) helpful tips to maximize your cruising fun.

First, a little bit about sea sickness and preventative measures. I’m not going to lie.  I don’t know much.

Disney Magic Moments of these Days: The Atlantic was incredibly calm and flat nearly all the way across, and even though I had shelled out $30 for PSI wrist bands for the kids, $10 in Dramamine, and $65 on scopamine patches (prescription), we didn’t lay a finger on any of it.

I didn’t hear anyone mention anything about feeling ill the entire cruise, and the crew and seasoned TA cruisers kept raving about the awesome weather (wonderfully warm and sunny) and lack of waves.  There were a lot of cruisers wearing the scopamine patches as a preventative, but when Liz tried hers, she experienced blurry vision (a standard side effect).

There was a whale sighting, and Craig saw dolphins off the top deck one day.  I was surprised to see sea birds cruising in the wind just above the water’s surface one day while we were practically in the exact middle of the ocean.

Not exactly what I imagine the Atlantic to be, but beautiful none the less.

I am also wondering if it will be harder for me to do a “normal” length cruise now that we’ve been so spoiled. Contrary to my original concerns about being bored at Sea, my first pangs of vacation-end-sadness came as we approached Madiera and I knew that the string of sea days was drawing to a close.

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