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Disney Cruise: Cruising with Friends

As I mentioned, we cruised with our friends, the Brams.  Although we booked our cruises separately, a quick call to guest services before the cruise allowed me to link our reservations together.  Being linked allowed us to sit together at dinner, and check one another’s kids into and out of the kids spaces. (Hello, extra set of parental units!!)

Although we cruised “together” both of our families are very independent travelers, and we each crafted our own vacation.  It added to the fun to meet up for dinner each evening and recap our days, almost like a two for one deal, as we got to hear about the onboard entertainment sessions we missed, share tips, and compare port day adventures.

Even with 1800 cruisers on board, we bumped into one another fairly often, and enjoyed time in the pool together.  The kids loved having a friend in the kids’ spaces.  For us adults, we were able to leave the kids in the kids’ club late into the evening a couple times so we could enjoy the adult entertainment (ie, comedians, hypnotists, and Charro!) and we also traded off watching the kids at bedtime so that the guys or the gals could go do something fun together.

I would definitely recommend cruising with folks you know, as long as there is the understanding that you don’t have to be together all day every day.  You’ll definitely want the freedom to do what you want to do each day, as there are tons of activities to choose from, and simply not enough time in the day to get it all done!

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3 Responses to "Disney Cruise: Cruising with Friends"

  1. Emily says:

    Could you do a post (or just reply) about additional expenses encountered including: excursions, tips, souvineers, drinks, bingo, ect?
    🙂 Thanks

  2. Moody Mom says:

    Great pics and information. My hubby and I have taken our daughter to Disney twice. I want to take her on a Disney cruise now!

  3. Fawn says:

    I like the cruises better than the parks, especially once our kiddos got to be potty trained.

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