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5 Tips for Saving More at the Grocery Store

Today’s blogger, Renae Chiovaro, and I were roomies at the Type-A blogger conference last summer even though we had never met before.  Lucky for me, Renae is super nice, and we study many of the same subjects, like raising rowdy kids, saving money, and working with dentists!

The price of groceries has been steadily on the rise over the last few years. Meat prices continue to rise as the price of grain increases. With a few tips, you can easily slash your grocery budget. It takes a little planning and some effort, but it can be done!

  • Have a plan before you head to the grocery store. Look over the sales flyer and make a list. Make sure you check your pantry and freezer for needed items too. If you are using coupons, pull out the coupons that go along with your grocery list items. A plan will prevent you from impulse purchases of items that are not on sale.
  • Know what a good price is. This takes a little time, but if you start tracking prices you will see that they fluctuate over a 4-5 week period. Write down the rock bottom price of items you buy regularly. When they get to that price point, buy extra to carry you over until they reach that price again in a few weeks.
  • Create a weekly menu plan. A meal plan will save you time, money and stress. Create your meal plan from what items are on sale that week and what stockpile items you have in your pantry.  I encourage you to at least have a dinner menu plan to prevent last minute pizza ordering!
  • Pay attention to your receipt. I can’t tell you how many times items ring up wrong. Make sure you check your receipt for pricing errors before you leave the store. Some stores have a scan right guarantee that will allow you to get the item for free if the item rings up at the wrong price.
  • Avoid items that are on the end cap or at the checkout lane. Just because these items are on display doesn’t mean they are at a good price. Remember to stick to your grocery list!

tart slowly making changes in your grocery shopping habits and you will see the savings. Have a plan, pay attention and take advantage of sales to make the most of your budget.

How to Have it AllRenae is a married mom of two boys. She works full time as a dental hygienist and is the author of She writes about Easy Eecipes, Kroger Deals, Life  With Boys and so much more! Join her as she journeys through motherhood learning to balance work, raising kids and saving money.

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