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UncommonGoods = Uncommonly Good Gifts

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods.  However, I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a few few years now, so you can rest assured that all opinions are genuinely grown in my own brain.

March is a big birthday month in my family. My husband, my son, and my nephew will each earn a notch on their trips round the sun belt. And there’s something about these March birthday boys – they’re a little difficult to buy for.  In cases such as this, UncommonGoods is a great place to turn to for gifting inspiration.

Today I want to show you nine of my favorite gifts from UncommonGoods:

UncommonGoods Gifts

  1. Little Animal Lover Closet Dividers | $25. These are adorable, functional, and made by a mom. Perfect baby shower gift, or you can find more baby gift ideas here.
  2. Construction Plate and Utensils | $33. My nephew’s parents posted this on Facebook because they thought it was so fun, and I have to agree.  Guess what he’s getting for his birthday?
  3. ColorKu | $35. Like sodoku, but with colored wooden orbs instead.  We own this game. I enjoy playing solo, or teaming up with the kids to solve the 100+ puzzles. It looks great on the coffee table too. UncommonGoods has tons of games and gifts for kids.
  4. Morse Code Necklace | $62. UncommonGoods has a whole slew of personalized gifts (check them all out here). I love small jewelry that has meaning and I think the fact that this necklace allows you to carry a secret message around your neck is super cool.
  5. Fix it Sticks | $30. These simple little tools are something that would appeal to both my handy husband and my curious son, who loves to take things apart.  Extra cool – they fit together to make a T wrench!
  6. My Life Story – So Far | $28. This journal gives the owner the opportunity to record their life’s experiences.  It would be perfect for a budding young writer, or for grandparents or parents to create a family heirloom. Flexible and simple, but something to be treasured. 
  7. Gardener’s Tool Seat | $30. This is another item that I own and love. I don’t have any storage space for my garden tools, so this is it!  There are a bajillion pockets on it, and the underneath part detaches from the seat to make a separate tote bag. It would also do well as a tool or art caddy. There are lots of other fun garden themed items at UncommonGoods.
  8. The Ooma Bowl | $25. Lots of snacking happens at my house, so I would buy 4 of these to prevent fights from happening. Beyond the chip and dip combo, these bowls would also be great for shelling nuts or edamame, or simply enjoying two different foods that you want to keep separated.
  9. Scratch Map | $29. I’ve been coveting one of these for a while. You can scratch off the places you’ve visited, which makes for a fun visual and conversation piece. There’s a USA version as well.

UncommonGoods’ website and catalog is filled with products that have stories behind them. They work directly with artisans and companies that focus on creative design and crafting a great product. They also work at sustainability, minimizing their environmental impact, and valuing their employees. So, not only do they have great products, but I can feel good buying from UncommonGoods. You can learn more about their story here.

Thanks for supporting a business that helps support Instead of the Dishes!

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